To the US we go
To the US we go
To the US we go

Embracing Progress: Teams and individuals around the world are using WorkPhotos!

Apr 6, 2024

Simplicity wins. From Scotland to the US raising our first investment to grow.

We are growing fast and one thing is clear, users want simplicity. We have intentionally kept the mobile app as simple as possible.

What we didn't expect was the level of demand from the United States. Over 70% of daily users are US based. Use cases vary wildly from side hustles to large repair and construction teams. I am personally thrilled that the little guys from Scotland could make a product that helps so many people.

Thanks to all those who have reached out to us and had a chat. This has really helped us stay focussed on what you need and want. It's easy to presume one more feature is required when the reality is we should get the basics to function really well.

Whats next?

Funding to help us get to the next level. We are now raising to grow our team and develop the the product. We have proven the concept and users deserve better.

A trip to silicone valley at the end of the month to make new connections. I may even wear a kilt! Pictures to follow. It seems like we are being pulled to the US so we are coming over.

As always, happy to chat about all things WorkPhotos so reach out and we can have a Zoom call.