What made me mad enough to build a camera app?

Mar 3, 2024

For 23 years I have manged a repair shop. It's hard physical work but I loved it. Standing in the workshop I thought it's so easy to take photos and share them on WhatsApp yet getting my team to take photos that are important and share them is impossible, why? 1. You have to get everyone in your team to be happy to use their personal phones to take photos. Most will do it if it's really important but some won't and fair enough. 2. So people default to using personal apps to share photos at work when absolutely necesary. Yet another reason not to take photos for work. 3. If you do get the photos you need they get lost in the infinite scroll of messaging and photo albums. A mix of personal and work stuff, photos are as good as gone as time goes by. The solution? A. Buy everyone a business mobile, share everything in Dropbox and spend my life sorting all the images into files. B. Buy complex job management software just for the photo recording feature. C. Don't take photos and just get screwed now and then by bad customers who knows they can take advantage of you. D. Build WorkPhotos, because if my team has this problem I could help other teams out too. It's obvious which choice I made and although it has been WAY harder than expected I got there in the end with a bunch of tech guys who saw the light.