We are raising our first funding.

Apr 16, 2024

Raising investment to take WorkPhotos to the next stage.

The mobile app has been a hit with many people and we have so much more to improve and implement. This raise will allow us to double down on simplicity of use and reach new people and businesses who want photos of every job but don't want complex job management software.

Small businesses offering skilled services need to spend all their time getting physical work done. Job management software requires time, effort and money to be spent by teams often with low engagement from team members. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are simple to use but don't serve work well. Our sweet spot is combining the simplicity of messaging with the basics of job recording and saving everything in the cloud not devices.

Exciting times ahead, next week San Francisco where I am fortunate enough to be meeting some very interesting people who have been there and done it before. Bring it on!